Import – EWOC 003 – Stasera in Casa Seduti in Poltrona con la Luce Diffusa – Complesso di Sante Palumbo




LABEL: seriE.WOC, Italy
LP / EWOC-LP003 (JAN: N/A)
CD / EWOC-CD003 (JAN: 4560312319161)
ARTIST: Complesso di Sante Palumbo
TITLE: Stasera in Casa Seduti in Poltrona con la Luce Diffusa
Originally released as: CiPiTi (SR LP0003, 1973 Italy)


Sante Palumbo (p, el.p)
Lino Liguori (ds)
Marco Ratti (b)
Sergio Farina (g)
Gianni Bedori (sax, fl)


[P] 1973, Ed.: La Volpe

seriE.WOC thanks to:
Sante Palumbo for the interview, Gerardo Frisina for archive advice


A1. Double Piano (Palumbo)
A2. Swingin Bossa (Palumbo)
A3. Il Fatto (Palumbo)
A4. Tappeur (Palumbo)
A5. Bach Time (Sapabo)
A6. Cartavetrata (Buratti)

B1. Trequarti (Buratti)
B2. Bossa Kiss (Sapabo)
B3. Saxoscopio (Buratti)
B4. Oriental Dog (Sapabo)
B5. Dixi Samba (Buratti)
B6. Sbam (Sapabo)


From an interview to the pianist Sante Palumbo, realized in May 2013. Full interview will be available on an extra insert (vinyl only).
“From the mid-’60s and into the ’70s, I recorded several soundtracks and in 1971, C. Poggiani, director of CiPiTi, commissioned this album.
On the album there are many composition styles, from solo piano, to waltz, bossa nova, a canon by Bach. The “Performance, or Jam Session” title was an idea of Poggiani, because he said, “this album should be listened to in an armchair with headphones to enjoy all the magic moments that are there.” We used the most beautiful voice of the Sax and Flute we had, Gianni Bedori. Liguori was part of the Giorgio Buratti Quartet with whom we played pure free jazz, inspired by Schubert, which we used as a base to create new compositions, just like Bach, who was the first great inventor of syncopation and the first Swing music. Sergio Farina was one of my pupils and I helped launch him as a guitarist. We recorded all of this at Giorgio Buratti’s home, where we composed and played many styles from free jazz to soundtracks, to classical crossover, to the psychedelic and other progressive side projects….”