IMPORT CD – ZR1904008 – Trampoline – Bernard van Rossum Quartet

オランダ/アムステルダムを拠点に活動するテナー/ソプラノ奏者Bernard van Rossumによる4tet作品。
リーダーのBernard van Rossumは、英国人の母とオランダ人の父を持ち、スペインで誕生〜幼少期を過ごした後、スコットランドで科学の修士号を取得し、バルセロナでサックスを学んだという異色の経歴を持つ。

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LABEL: Zennez, Netherlands
Format: CD / ZR1904008
ARTIST: Bernard van Rossum Quartet
TITLE: Trampoline
EAN: 9789492961167


Bernard van Rossum (tenor & soprano sax)
Xavi Torres (piano, Rhodes, Wurlitzer, Hammond)
Marco Zenini (double bass)
Joan Terol (drums)


Saxophonist, composer and arranger Bernard van Rossum is known as the leader of The BvR Flamenco Big Band, an exceptional orchestral flamenco-jazz ensemble that took venues and festivals like Bimhuis, Flamenco Biennale and North Sea Jazz by storm.

On his latest release, Trampoline, Van Rossum presents his quartet, with extra features for string 4tet (FUSE), woodwinds 4tet, guitar and percussion. “I wanted to include my voice as an arranger and took the opportunity to include complementary textures to some of the pieces.”

Born and raised in Spain by an English mother and Dutch father, Bernard van Rossum brings many flavours and influences to the table. All compositions and arrangements on Trampoline carry his signature.
“I started to play drums from an early age, my parents would listen to Michael Jackson and Stevie Wonder. Rhythm has always been key and for this album I found myself gravitating towards more groove based compositions, striving to find flow in sometimes unusual or challenging rhythms. Music with depth but also light and playful, like the feeling of jumping on a trampoline and being suspended in the air.”


  1. Trampoline
  2. After The Storm
  3. Tricycle
  4. Thug Life
  5. Just Before Dawn
  6. Hope
  7. Cowbell Jive
  8. Tabarca
  9. Captain Hindsight

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