IMPORT CD – ZR1804007 – Leaves of Lily (EP) – Kika Sprangers

1994年生、オランダ/ナイメーヘン出身のアルト奏者、Kika Sprangersによるデビュー作品(全5曲/37分)

ユトレヒト音楽院に通いながらAnton Goudsmit率いるNJJO(National Youth Jazz Orchestra)に参加し、すでに自己名義でGrachtenfestival(アムステルダム)、North Sea Jazz festivalへの出演を果たしている、同国若手の中でも頭ひとつ抜きん出た存在。



LABEL: Zennez, Netherlands
Format: CD / ZR1804007
ARTIST: Kika Sprangers
TITLE: Leaves of Lily (EP)
EAN: 9789492961013


Kika Sprangers – saxophones
Manuel Wouthuysen – piano
Eric Brugmans – guitar
Danny van Ruitenberg – bass
Benjamin Torbijn – drums
Anna Serierse – vocals
Sanne Rambags – vocals
Marit van der Lei – vocals
Camilia Mourkazel Ortega – flute
Ruben Drenth – trumpet
Jenneke de Jonge – French horn
Jessie Brevé – bass clarinet


“New heroes are continually involved in jazz. Not everyone stands out, but saxophonist Kika Sprangers does”, says Amsterdam-based newspaper Parool in regards to Kika’s debut ‘Leaves Of Lily’. The EP (over 37 minutes of music) contains studio and live recordings.

At the age of 23, Kika Sprangers quickly makes a name for herself in the landscape of Dutch jazz, both as a saxophonist and composer. She was asked to compose a suite for the reknown Amsterdam Grachtenfestival 2017 and won a B-Jazz Award for best arrangement during the International B-Jazz competition 2018. She was leader of the saxophone section of the Dutch National Youth Jazz Orchestra and graduated from the Utrecht Conservatory with a ‘9 plus’ (2017). Kika was also named ‘Young Vip 2018’ with a tour of many jazzclubs and festivals in the Netherlands. She will perform at the North Sea Jazz festival 2018.


  1. Come To Terms
  2. Hiraeth
  3. Gridlock
  4. Leaves of Lily
  5. Delight

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