Import CD – ZR1802001 – Passengers – Henk Kraaijeveld


ダーン・ハーウェグ(p)参加。オランダの新鋭男性ジャズ・ヴォーカリストHenk Kraaijeveldによる自己名義1st作品。一聴してクルーナー系のシンガーかと思いきや、ホーミーやクセのないスムーズなスキャットなどを駆使しながら、現代的かつしなやかで落ち着いたトーンを聴かせる正統派/実力派シンガー。


LABEL: Zennez, Netherlands
Format: CD / ZR1802001
ARTIST: Henk Kraaijeveld
TITLE: Passengers
EAN: 9789082694857


Henk Kraaijeveld (vocals)
Daan Herweg (piano)
Tobias Nijboer (bass)
Joan Terol Amigo (drums)
Paul van der Feen (sax)
Eran Har Even (guitar)

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Henk Kraaijeveld is a versatile jazz vocalist and songwriter from The Netherlands who brings together compelling music with strong lyrics and surprising improvisations. Playful and light-footed elements alternate with intense and vivacious grooves and harmonies, without hesitating to make crossovers between old and new styles of jazz.
Kraaijeveld graduated cum laude from Utrecht Conservatory in 2012 and studied at Manhattan School of Music, New York with renowned songwriter, composer and arranger Peter Eldridge.
Early 2013, Kraaijeveld won both jury- and audience award at the 10th edition of the Dutch Vocal jazz competition (Nederlands Jazz Vocalisten Concours) The jury praised his ‘relaxed performance in which he connects very well with the audience, blends his warm and beautiful voice perfectly with the sound of the band, while showing an impressive vocal range’.
His debut album is called Passengers and is the outcome of his collaboration with pianist and songwriter Daan Herweg.


  1. Drowning
  2. Move Ahead
  3. Passengers
  4. In My Hands
  5. For No One
  6. Treasure
  7. Machine Man
  8. The Imagination of A Painter
  9. Perhaps
  10. Tomorrow’s Voice
  11. Grace

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