Import CD – CR218 – A Truth About Me – Shauli Einav

イスラエル出身(1982年生)、NYジャズ・シーンで活躍するテナー奏者、シャウリ・エイナヴによる自己名義3作目。エイナヴ(ts)、Andy Hunter (tb)、Antonin Tri Hoang(as)の3管フロントに、Paul Lay(p)率いるフレンチ・トリオが応える現代ハードバップ・セクステット会心作。



LABEL: Cristal Records, France
ARTIST: Shauli Einav
TITLE: A Truth About Me
EAN: 3149028044225


Shauli Einav (soprano and tenor sax)
Andy Hunter (trombone)
Antonin Tri Hoang (alto sax, bass clarinet)
Paul Lay (piano)
Florent Nisse (bass)
Louis Moutin (drums)



  1. Embarcadère 5:14
  2. Circa 1988 6:36
  3. Copenhague 7:52
  4. The Traveler 5:47
  5. Nomads 0:02
  6. Eleven Fifty Two 1:20
  7. One For Alex 6:47
  8. Le Musketeer 7:23
  9. Ultramarine 5:30
  10. A Truth About Me 6:08

Album preview


An introspective voyage by one of the mounting figures of Israeli jazz

“A Truth About Me”, Shauli Einav’s 3rd album as a leader is a pivotal milestone in his career. After being trained in NYC’s Jazz scene for many years, releasing a highly acclaimed debut
album (Opus One / Plus Loin Music 2011), Einav landed in Paris last July and he is now out on a journey of selfexploration.

In this album Einav compiled ten vigorous compositions, which take listeners on a voyage into the artist’s mind vessels.
These compositions are sophisticated, high spirited and confident while at the same time thoughtful, intimate and sometimes even somber. Einav is a 3 times ASCAP “Young Jazz Composer Award” recipient. This album features long time band member NYC trombonist, Andy Hunter, Paul Lay on piano, Louis Moutin on drums, French bassist Florent Nisse and the up and coming
Antonin Tri Hoang on alto saxophone and bass clarinet.