Import CD – AU9084 – Satoyama – Magic Forest



ARTIST: Magic Forest
TITLE: Satoyama
EAN: 8031697908425


Luca Benedetto trumpet
Christian Russano guitar
Marco Bellafiore double bass
Gabriele Luttino drums


Produced by Satoyama
Executive Producer: Marco Valente
Recorded at Bombanella Soundscapes, Maranello (MO) – Italy
Engineer: Davide Cristiani
Cover Photo: Luca d’Agostino


  1. Plastic Whale
  2. One Part Per Million
  3. Aral
  4. Melting Point
  5. Leave
  6. Sovation
  7. Winter Rise
  8. Dry Land
  9. Magic Forest


After performing extensively in Europe and recording music for short movies and web series since 2012, award-winning Italian quartet Satoyama are now releasing their third studio album, “Magic Forest”, on Auand Records.

Satoyama’s music is the result of each member’s different vision, virtues and (more interesting) vices, with the addition of a great artistic frankness. It’s an enchanting magic forest – eyes to the sky, surrounded by trees. It’s leaves swirling in a colorful rush, it’s water moving air, hitting rocks.

Most importantly, Satoyama is an evocative, energetic, refined and hard-to-label music journey.

The best definition of their style is “Radiohead and Bill Frisell discussing about ecology in a Tuareg tent”.

“Musically speaking, we discuss and arrange any composition. We always try to match our tracks with a journey, a story, a feeling or a color – fun fact: two of us have synesthesia, and one is color-blind.

We always look for diversity. This led us to biodiversity and forests, which are essential for development. We all actively care about the environment. There is a political idea behind our music: ignoring the environmental issues is just like having an elephant in the room. Each track is associated both with a topic we care about (desertification, global warming, migrations, wars for water, pollution…) and with a short story written by Lucia Panzieri, also an activist and supporter. But “Magic Forest” ends in a positive way: change starts from each of us”.

Album Preview