Import CD – AU3017 – Urlo Piano – Vittorio Solimene

タイトル「URLO PIANO」(静かに叫ぶ)の示す通り、静謐な空気に光る美しい旋律と、力強い情緒で織りなすピアノトリオ作品。



LABEL: AUAND Piano Series, Italy
Format: CD / AU3017
ARTIST: Vittorio Solimene
TITLE: Urlo Piano
EAN: 8031697301721


Vittorio Solimene piano
Francesco Ponticelli double bass
Riccardo Gambatesa drums

Rec data:

Produced by Vittorio Solimene
Executive Producer: Marco Valente
Recorded at Entropya Studio, Perugia – Italy on June 17-18, 2018
Engineer: Stefano Bechini
Cover Photo: Barnimages


  1. El Gaucho
  2. Jessie Larancia
  3. Son-g
  4. Quiet Now
  5. Come Due Gabbiani al Molo
  6. Da 0 a 100
  7. Al Settimo Cielo
  8. Ginseng

Album preview


“Urlo piano”, Italian pianist Vittorio Solimene’s debut album, is the result of his experience with double bass player Francesco Ponticelli and drummer Riccardo Gambatesa.

Their mutual understanding led the pianist to compose specifically for this ensemble: after intense rehearsals and live performances, they have recorded the compositions: the album will be out on March 29 on Auand.

The title (“Urlo piano”, meaning “I scream quietly”) highlights the leader’s aim: going through and expressing his own identity and uniqueness. The oxymoron in the title includes a scream, an expression of power that only will happen in a specific way as the second, essential element shows: quietly, although that doesn’t exclude the option to communicate the message with strength.

The recording includes six original compositions, all penned by Vittorio Solimene, and two rearranged standards: Wayne Shorter’s “El Gaucho” and Danny Zeitlin’s “Quiet Now”. Each track develops an idea of continuity and cohesion between melody and improvisation, making solo parts a key moment.