Import LP – AMS 002 – Concert at the Mullerpier #2 – Pepper Fist

Expected date of arrival: November 2017

Modern swing, underground grooves from deep beneath the streets and spellbinding ballads.



LABEL: Alive! Modern Savior, NL
Format: LP / AMS 002
ARTIST: Pepper Fist
TITLE: Concert at the Mullerpier #2
EAN: 8714835097242


Mete Erker (tenor and soprano saxophone)
Ronald Kool (keyboards)
Marco Dirne (bass and moog bass)
Bart Lust (trombone)
Nico Schepers (trumpet, bugel)
Eric Hoeke (drums)

Rec data:


Side A
1. Katoen
2. Pepper Fist
3. Eternal Merge

Side B
4. Honey Fly
5. Turquoise
6. Scary Man


“Beginnen? Ja.” “Start? Yes.” This is what you’ll hear in the first few seconds of this album. With the ripple of a mumbling audience and the sounds of a few brass instruments warming up in the background. Then Eric starts tapping his jungle drums and we’re off. This is the second album on the Alive! Modern Savior label. On our first album, Tepin, we recorded classic jazz guitar with vintage synths. This time, we had 3 horn players and an electric bass. And no guitar. Wanna know how it sounded? Listen for yourself. All I can say is that Ronald surpassed himself in writing new tunes. What an incredible songsmith he is.