Import LP – AMS 006 – Mingue | Ntjam Rosie

Expected date of arrival: November 2017

Dreamy pop, spicy softrock and sensual soul with explosive edges explore every aspect of daily life. Including the hymne like hit Baby Love, a modern classic.



LABEL: Alive! Modern Savior, NL
Format: LP
ARTIST: Mingue | Ntjam Rosie
TITLE: Mingue | Ntjam Rosie
EAN: 8714835121978


Ntjam Rosie (vocals, guitar)
Mingue (vocals)
Alexander van Popta (keyboards)
Jamie Peet (drums)
Teus Nobel (bugel)
Cyrille Oswald (saxophone, flute)
Budy Mokoginta (guitar)
Clemens van der Feen (bass)

Rec data:


Side A
1. Toy 3:55
2. Fall 5:48
3. Baby Love 5:00
4. Feel For The Moon 5:00

Side B
5. Space of You 4:36
6. L’Amour 5:15
7. Je Me Confie 3:14
8. You Build Me Up 6:43