Import LP + 7″ – AMS 004 – Concert at the Mullerpier #4 – Grooves From The Cloud

Expected date of arrival: November 2017

Big city funk without compromise, exactly how a metropolis should sound like.



LABEL: Alive! Modern Savior, NL
Format: LP + 7″ / AMS-004
ARTIST: Grooves From The Cloud
TITLE: Concert at the Mullerpier #4
EAN: 8714835104490


Ronald Kool (keyboards)
Michel van Schie (bass)
Linda Bloemhart (vocals)
Martijn Vink (drums)
Reinier Baas (guitar)

Rec data:


Side A
1. It Wasn’t Me 5:46
2. Tai Wu 9:36
3. Groove From The Cloud 8:34

Side B
4. PSH (for Phillip Seymour Hoffman) 17:01
5. Zomer in Rotterdam 6:17


Grooves from the Cloud is the third album on our label. And indeed, this is all about improvisation. Not a single note was written out or practiced in advance. Scientists tell us that to perform on the highest level possible musicians need to invest at least 10.000 hours of individual study. The natural interplay, the tight shifting grooves, the responsiveness, but also the harmonic complexity, the richness of ideas and the individual coolness, all of this would not be possible without full mastery of an instrument and a deep musical knowledge. But enough said about academics, let the music play … and enjoy a magnificent and diverse set of music.