Import LP – AMS 005 – Concert at the Mullerpier #5 – Consumer Electronics

Expected date of arrival: November 2017

Adventurous and constantly surprising cutting edge pop/jazz compositions with compelling arrangements. With an all star Dutch jazz line-up.



LABEL: Alive! Modern Savior, NL
Format: LP / AMS-005
ARTIST: Consumer Electronics
TITLE: Concert at the Mullerpier #5
EAN: 8714835114543


Alexander van Popta (keyboards)
Jamie Peet (drums)
Teus Nobel (bugel)
Cyrille Oswald (tenor saxophone)
Budy Mokoginta (guitar)
Clemens van der Feen (bass)

Rec data:


Side A
1. Ghost Soldier 11:31
2. Plastic Battle 9:51

Side B
3. Quiet Now | Mr. Shiny Pants 13:07
4. Blender 3:22
5. Compulsive Highlighter 6:28


Everybody has favorite tracks on an album. But one will also have favorite parts of a track. A certain moment where you like the arrangement a lot, a great solo or a tight groove. It could be anything. Quiet Now | Mr. Shiny Pants has both, one of my favorite tracks and some of my favorite parts of music being recorded in our studio. Check the playing of the band starting around the five minute mark which I think is stunning. But there are more of these moments. Listen to Alexander’s left field keyboard solo in Ghost Soldier or the intensity of Cyrille’s sax playing in Plastic Battle.