Import LP – AMS 003 – Concert at the Mullerpier #3 – Bass Brawl

Expected date of arrival: November 2017


On the one hand energetic and sizzling, on the other hand sweltering and latent jazz funk in classical modus, with a big brass and woodwind ensemble.



LABEL: Alive! Modern Savior, NL
Format: LP / AMS 003
ARTIST: Bass Brawl
TITLE: Concert at the Mullerpier #3
EAN: 8714835107040


Tini (Katharina) Thomsen (baritone sax)
Ilja Reijngoud (trombone)
Angelo Verploegen (trumpet, bugel)
Stefan Lievestro (electric bass)
Jamie Peet (drums)
Tom Ridderbeekx (trumpet)
Sebastian van Bavel (fender rhodes)
Albert Kerekeš (tenor saxophone)

Rec data:

Recorded Saturday July 5th 2015
Production: Michiel van Schie and Arjan Smeulders
Recording Engineer: Ruud Jonker
Mix & Mastering Engineer: Michiel van Schie
Gemeesterd in Studio Alive: Modern Savior
Photo: Jerry Lampen
Design: Yvo Zijlstra


Side A
1. Brother Julian 5:03
2. Screw 6:27
3. True Conjubial Joy 9:01
4. Step and Run 5:05

Side B
5. Morbus Vine 4:14
6. Elevator Fitness 5:50
7. English Heart 6:01
8. Will You 8:00


“If it sounds good it IS good.” The words of none other than Duke Ellington. The musicians certainly did sound good the day we recorded this album. There’s nothing more beautiful than the sound of top class reeds and brass playing right in front of you. Nothing more exhilarating than a rhythm section that swings and surprises. But this is a recording. Can we recreate the feeling that we all shared on vinyl? Ultimately it’s the quality of the musicians that’s most important for a good sound.

So here it is, our first full-fledged jazz album. The first 3 albums on Alive! Modern Savior featured, amongst others, great jazz musicians, but weren’t jazz albums per se. Bass Brawl unquestionably is.